Using drone technology and AI

MDC’s services help building owners and managers understand and manage the state of their building envelopes through periodic and event-driven surveys. Our services are scalable to large portfolios and completed at a fraction of the time and expense of industry alternatives.

MDC’s drone technology and AI provides many advantages, including:

Unmatched Precision

Enhanced Safety

Time and Cost Efficiency

Sustainability and Environmental Focus

Accessibility and Flexibility

MDC Services

Game-changing solutions.

MDC’s innovative technology leverages existing drone technology to gather information about the state of a building envelope faster, cheaper, and safer than the traditional approach.

A message from the President

My journey started in 1995 as a sales professional for an Ontario-based roofing firm. Early on in my career, my experience in the commercial roofing industry workforce opened my eyes to the daily risks faced by its workforce. Although I earned my stripes from the office and textbooks, I would often work alongside people relegated to office duties due to injuries sustained in the field. Events like the “The Roofers Memorial” annual golf tournament in Ottawa commemorating the roofers lost to workplace accidents are a sad indication of the serious risk faced in this industry. From catastrophic falls to 4th-degree burns from hot asphalt or torches, the risks made me think that we have to do better to protect our workers.

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the increasing affordability of drones present a unique opportunity to mitigate the risks to human life and revolutionize the field of exterior building maintenance and repair. With this vision in mind, I have partnered with some of the leading minds in the industry to help shape the future of exterior building diagnostics and repairs.

Maintenance Drone Co.’s mission is to usher in a new era of affordable routine maintenance while increasing workplace safety and fostering sustainable career paths within the ICI exterior building maintenance sector.

I’ve long held the belief that robots are the future of many professions, including jobs that are dangerous but necessary. Through the power of AI and drones we can reshape these industries to provide safer, more fulfilling work experiences while elevating overall efficiency.

Ernie Cecchetto, President